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Valve C-KOL-K-return vent 150
  • Valve C-KOL-K-return vent 150
  • Valve C-KOL-K-return vent 150

Valve C-KOL-K-return vent 150

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Brand:ССК ТМ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Applying reverse valve for round channels C - KOL - K - 150

Check valve for round channels C - KOL - K - 150 prevents the flow of air and non - explosive mixtures of air from different premises one ventilation system;

prevents ingress of external air into the room served by the fan after tripping;
It must not contain sticky substances and fibrous materials;
dust and solids content is allowed no more than 0, 1 g / m³;
minimum air velocity through the valve section must be:
the horizontal section of at least 1, 5 m / s;
On the vertical portion of at least 2, 5 m / s;
maximum permitted air speed is not more than 9 m / s;
allowable temperature of the air conveyed from - 30 ° C
to + 50 ° C


reverse valve design for round channels C - KOL - K - 150

The valve consists of a circular casing made of galvanized steel and mounted therein spring - loaded vanes made of galvanized steel. Under the action of the air flow when the fan, the blades are supported in the open position. After switching off the fan blades of the valve automatically returns to its original position and the cover section

valve. Valve KOL - C - K retains operability when setting the axis of rotation of the blades either vertically or horizontally, but only under the direction of air flow from the bottom upwards, as well as providing an acceptable level of velocity in the valve section. The design allows the valve body to attach it to circular ducts or other ventilation channel elements by means of clamps.


Brand:ССК ТМ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 08.04.2020
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