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C-GMK-P-90-50-0 air valve
  • C-GMK-P-90-50-0 air valve

C-GMK-P-90-50-0 air valve

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Brand:ССК ТМ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Use of the air valve for venting C - GMK - P - 90 - 50

Dampers GMK - - C P are used to regulate the supply flow or recirculation of exhaust air channel in the ventilation and air - conditioning systems. Air vent valve C - GMK - P differs from standard valves contact blades increased density and reduced volume of leakage through the valve. The special design of the air vent valve C - GMK - P reduces heat loss through the valve leaflets. Vent valve C - GMK - P is equipped with motorized and controlled remotely or by means of the handle.

Structure C ventilation air valves - GMK - P - 90 - 50

Air valves for ventilation C - GMK - P involve only rectangular design. Chetyrehstenochny body is made of galvanized steel, with the blades mounted inside of reinforced aluminum sections. The valve has a special spring seal at the ends of the flaps. Increased rigidity of the housing of the valve provides protection against distortions under high differential average air temperature. In the zone of adjacency is resilient seal flaps. Air valves GMK - P in its composition has no heating elements and standard terminal blocks are not fitted. Parallel opening blades provides kinematic driving circuit of the valve, which is a system of levers and rods. Junction blades is in the form of a labyrinth seal.

Расшифровка маркировки (на примере C - GMK - P - 40 - 20 - 0)

  • клапан канальный - C - GMK - P
  • типоразмер (по прямоугольному сечению BxH) - 40 - 20
  • тип привода (1. HD - ручной, 2. тип электрического привода("открыто - закрыто" плавное рег. M24 - SR, M220 - SR, двухпозиционный M24, M220; пружинный возврат плавное рег. F24 - SR, двухпозиционный F24, F220); 3. 0 - под привод) - 0



Brand:ССК ТМ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.05.2020
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