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Axial fan smoke AF-DU
  • Axial fan smoke AF-DU
  • Axial fan smoke AF-DU

Axial fan smoke AF-DU

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Brand:ССК ТМ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Application Axial fan smoke AF-DU

The fans are designed to remove arising from fire gases and heat being removed outside the served room or building to work on fire-fighting, rescue people and equipment. Fans can be moved with the gases temperature to 400 "C and 600" C for at least 120 minutes.

Design features Axial fan smoke AF-DU

 AF-DU fans consist of a casing, the impeller, the motor protective housing. High pressure and vysokoraskhodnye fans have a large proportion of the dynamic pressure generated in total pressure. To reduce pressure loss parts of the network, adjacent to the outlet of the fan section, and particularly in the absence of network at the output of the fan is recommended to set the output channel from the flow straightener (arrangement 02 and 04). This achieves a dynamic pressure reduction fan nearly 2.5 times. The wheel has a relative large diameter hub, constituting 70% of the diameter of the wheel, due to the large engine size and the presence of the protective casing. A distinctive feature of AF-DU is possible to install the fan impeller blades from different angles,

Вентиляторы имеют четыре компоновки, отличающиеся креплением обечайки и наличием спрямляющего аппарата(СА):

  • СА и стойка отсутствуют (компоновка 01);
  • СА есть, стойка отсутствует (компоновка 02);
  • СА отсутствует, стойка есть (компоновка 03);
  • СА и стойка есть (компоновка 04).

Все элементы вентилятора имеют защите-декоративное лакокрасочное покрытие. 

Brand:ССК ТМ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 01.04.2020
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